New York & Company
In-store Kiosk

Agency | Fluid

Role | Senior Visual Design

Team | Tember Hopkins • Pamela Tamayo

New York & Company is a retailer for women's accessories and apparel. I worked on the design of a kiosk that allowed in-store customers and employees to access the larger online inventory. This lead to an increased adoption rate of their website by in-store customers.

Unique Viewport

We took advantage of the format with large imagery to grab the user when browsing, and designed modals to make sensitive checkout information more inconspicuous.

Prototyping Interaction

To understand the quirks of working with an extra large touch screen we used Invision prototypes on a test kiosk throughout the process.

This new kiosk will provide a virtual endless aisle, offering customers access to all sizes, colors and assortmentsJohn Worthington, COO, NY&CO

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