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Nixon  |  Personalization

Company  |  Fluid
Date  |  June 2016

Role  |  I was the lead designer on the initiative to launch a customizer for Nixon’s first Androidwear smart watch - The Mission.

Environment  |  For this project we utilized Fluid’s Configure software and worked with Client & Engineering to create the fastest flow for a user wanting to make this new watch their own. In the current web environment, there are lots of customization tools popping up, but so many of these take the user on a journey that would require prior knowledge of that specific tool to achieve success.

Goal  |  My concept going in, was to take a complex interaction, and simplify it with visual language. The goal was to provide the customer, the ability to mix and match all the features of the watch and personalize with text and artwork.

UX + Business Challenges  |  Within the technical framework of the configure system, I strove to organize the hierarchy of customization in an intuitive manner, Make sure that the overall look and structure, felt like a part of the Nixon PDP family, Decide which base features could be needed to provide full functionality to the Nixon user, without adding unnecessary baggage and complexity. The big challenge for this project was adapting to changes in the design based on business needs as Nixon was finalizing design of the watch in step with design of the customizer.

UX + Business Achievements / Solutions  |  In the end, I believe we achieved a huge success in Nixon not just launching a smart watch, but a custom PDP that was simple and intuitive for the user.

Main Selection

For the main menu of the interface, we went with a standard accordion design. In order to increase options, we had to add scrolling on desktop and extend options on mobile.

Additional Client work available upon request & in person.