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Just Keep Truckin Photo-Documentary

“Just Keep Truckin” is a photo documentation of the life of the American truck driver shown through their visual character. These are the men and women that make the backbone of the American economy. I have found that truckers take great pride in their jobs, family, and country. Most of these photographs were taken while the drivers were filling up at truck stops, stuck on the side of the road, or relaxing at home after a long journey. And even though I was interrupting their daily lives and work, they still gave me time to take pictures. I am very thankful that the truckers I met were willing to share the details of their occupation with me. Truckers are a diverse and varied group. Within the industry you will find everything from old men that have lived rough and tumble lives to young guys looking to start a business and build savings. I believe most truckers are actually ambitious small business owners.

The inspiration for this project comes from traveling back and forth between West Texas and my college in Oklahoma. Because I go to truck stops to get the best diesel prices for my truck, I get to see many drivers as they go about their work. I don’t know when the idea came into my head, but I just wanted to document the character of the drivers. Trucking is an occupation that has always intrigued me. I hope our country always has good men and women keeping our freight and economy moving down the road.

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